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The 11 Best Free PDF Editor Tools in 2021

Editing PDF files can be straightforward, and the important thing is to use the right tools: here are the best free PDF editor tools available to users.


  • LibreOffice
  • Wondershare PDFelement
  • AbleWord
  • PDF Shaper
  • IceCream PDF Split & Merge
  • Online Pdf Editor
  • InkScape
  • PDFedit
  • Apache OpenOffice Draw
  • PDFSam

PDF files are now widespread and used by many people to send documents, spreadsheets, and any other text that you want to make uneditable. At least in theory. Yes, because there are several programs to edit PDF files.


LibreOffice is one of the best free PDF editor tools, one of the most popular non-paid alternatives to Microsoft Office. In addition to having programs similar to PowerPoint, Word, or Excel, this also offers services for editing PDF files. Doing so is very simple; Go to the PDF file and click with the right mouse button. Then select the wording “Open with. “From the scrolling menu, select LibreOffice.

The file will be opened with LibreOffice, and every part of the document will be editable and rewritable. But be careful, in complex and extensive documents, the original formatting may be compromised.

LibreOffice is a highly respected software in the world of PDF editing. It was born as a one of the best free pdf editor alternatives to Microsoft Office and includes the functionality to edit PDF files. The first advantage of this application is that it is a complete and free tool. Although some consider the interface impractical, LibreOffice has numerous editing features and is denoted as a viable alternative to Microsoft Office.

Wondershare PDFelement

With Wondershare PDFelement, we will go more specifically. It is one of the best free PDF editor that allows you to create, edit and add notes to the various files saved in PDF format. It works very well and has the OCR system; it converts scanned documents and images into shareable PDF files. You can also convert PDF files to other formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, RTF, and different image formats, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.


AbleWord is also one of the best free PDF editor and an alternative program to Microsoft Word that allows you to write documents and, in turn, allows you to edit PDF files. This program will be possible to add, remove, and modify text and images, check spelling, and even insert tables and frames on various PDFs. To use it, open the PDF file with AbleWord. There is no need for any other operation.

PDF Shaper

PDF Shaper is a beneficial program specialized in converting PDF files into RTF documents. It has a whole host of tools that help the user in editing the file. Such as, for example, the rotation and union of several elements and the transformation of images into PDFs. Therefore, it is more suitable for a functional conversion and modification of a PDF document rather than simply rewriting a few words or inserting small details.

IceCream PDF Split & Merge

IceCream PDF Split & Merge is a one best free PDF editor that offers few tools but is very simple to use. Apart from splitting, combining, and reordering PDF documents, the software offers nothing else. But doing it will be straightforward and also very fast.

It is recommended for an easy-to-use solution and doesn’t have to convert and edit many documents. Its main strengths include splitting a document into multiple files and an intuitive combination of pages. It also offers the ability to encrypt documents for greater cyber security. The main flaw is the total or almost total absence of good editing tools for writing. Online Pdf Editor

This software works well with structured PDFs (I have tried editing a PDF ticket made with extreme ease), but it is fair that I warn you that you can use these marvellous functions for free only up to 200 pages or 50 Mb and 3 jobs per hour (this at least is the limit in effect now).


Inkscape is highly similar to other best free PDF editors, but its excellent performance and wide range of features stand out. You can download it from here by choosing the version that best suits your system.

The software uses Vector Graphics to edit PDFs. Being completely free, it can be easily downloaded to start using it. It includes many useful tools, including the one to remove and add text and images. Another peculiarity of Inkscape is undoubtedly the availability of a portable version that does not require installation.

Editing is fast and effective both by altering the images present and by modifying the text or other elements


PDFedit is perhaps the best-known and most-used program in the panorama of PDF editors. The product boasts all the benefits of any other free open-source PDF editor, can be used as a PDF reader, and includes several editing features. Users can quickly locate and select the sections, words, or phrases they want to change. PDFedit can also be used to add text and images and remove information from PDFs.

Apache OpenOffice Draw

Apache OpenOffice Draw is another best free pdf editor due to the high quality it offers. Apache OpenOffice Draw can be used both as a PDF reader and as an open-source PDF editor, therefore free. Among the functions offered by the program, we find the personalization of the pages, the saving of PDFs in various formats, the removal and insertion of text, and the import and export of data.


PDFSam is an open-source PDF editor that supports the merging, splitting, and editing of PDFs. If you want to edit a document or reorder its pages, this is the program for you. It is a java application, executable on any device with Java runtime; therefore, in theory, it can also be used on platforms other than Windows.


EasePDF is a web-based tool for converting and modifying PDF documents. The software is a one of the best free pdf editor one-stop tool for editing, compressing, splitting, merging, and rotating PDF files. It comes with almost 30 tools. It’s a platform that’s updated regularly. The platform is secure to use because it automatically deletes links and files after 24 hours.

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