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The 10 Best Free PDF Readers of 2021

Are you still paying, or do you think you should pay for good applications to fill PDF? Here are the best free PDF readers of 2021.


  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
  • Opera Browser
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Drive
  • Foxit Reader
  • Xodo PDF reader
  • SumatraPDF
  • Javelin3 PDF Reader
  • Fox MobilePDF
  • MuPDF

No one else needs to pay to view a file in this format. In addition, paid software is often cumbersome and takes up computer memory unnecessarily.

Some applications already allow you to read PDFs without problems. In other words, you don’t have to shut down your Windows Defender and put your computer in danger for cracked versions of paid PDF readers. Here are some of those best free PDF readers:

The Best Free PDF Readers 2021

1. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

After becoming obsolete with a heavy program that charged too high a price to read PDFs, Adobe created its free solution and, fortunately, much lighter. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is the free version of the world’s best-known reader.

It is one software that connects to the cloud exclusive to Adobe programs, which is also available for applications to enhance company photos, such as Photoshop. That is, you can start reading a file on Android and continue on your computer and vice versa.

The application is one of the few that allows you to access and read your PDFs and offers you the option of reading by sound, in which the program will dictate the PDF to you. Similar to what audiobook apps do.

Tip: If you want more than just reading PDFs, but you also need to edit them or include digital signatures in your documents, Adobe Pro DC is a better tool for you.

2. Opera Browser

Despite being little used, Opera is a browser with a built-in PDF reader. In other words, in addition to browsing the web, you can use it to open any PDF file.

Remember that it can be applied to your mobile version, either Android or iPhone. On the other hand, it only reads the files, not being able to mark or edit. Just rotate, download, print the PDF, or zoom.

3. Microsoft Edge

Although Opera is my favourite browser, Microsoft Edge does a better job than many native PDF readers. If you are going to download the browser only to read PDFs, Edge brings more tools than Opera.

In addition to zooming and rotating files, you can also place bookmarks and comments, just like an annotation app. If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge is already installed and is the standard PDF reader for your PC.

4. Google Drive

One of the leading cloud storage services, you can access your Google Drive to read PDFs on your computer or your mobile devices. As in the case of Opera, its use is limited, allowing only reading, printing, downloading, or moving between folders within the storage. This is one of the free PDF readers.

5.FoxIt Reader

Foxit Reader has been considered for years as one of the best free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader. The application was always free and had an interface similar to the competition, facilitating familiarization with the software.

It also has its cloud to store and access your files, regardless of the device you are using. You can share and manage third-party access to these documents, make comments, and send notifications about changes to the PDF to those who can access the file.

In other words, FoxIt Reader is ideal for those who want free PDF readers that can share PDF files with their team.

6. Xodo PDF Reader

This free application is also one of the complete free PDF readers for Windows. It allows you to take notes on the document without editing it, it does not bring ads or purchases within the application, and it also allows you to mark the pages of interest.

It is one of the few that brings a night mode, in addition to bringing several view modes, allowing you to read your files or digital books better.

7. SumatraPDF

Created in open source, it is one of the few PDF readers that allows you to customize and add functionality. Ideal for those who are learning to program and customizing software with this type of license.

In its basic version, SumatraPDF brings several display modes -a single page, double-page, presentation, and several shortcut keys to navigate through documents and open books in the application.

8. Javelin3 PDF Reader

Even lighter than Sumatra, the Javelin3 PDF Reader is an incredible 2MB to download. Therefore, it is the simplest and lightest of the PDF readers shown throughout the article.

This is also reflected in its features, which cover the basics: reading and bookmarking important pages and taking notes. All this is available in a simple and easy-to-learn interface of this free pdf readers.

9. Fox MobilePDF

An alternative edition of the FoxIt Reader mentioned above, and Fox MobilePDF is a “pocket” version. That is, it does not require installation. The goal is to open your file and let me read it as soon as possible.

You can search for keywords, take notes and zoom in on the files that the program opens. It also allows you to read in multiple tabs. In other words, have multiple PDFs open and easily accessible simultaneously.

10. MuPDF

Closing our list of free PDF readers for computers and mobile devices is the MuPDF. The program is one of the few that are free and allow the editing of PDFs. Another novelty is converting documents to HTML, SVG, and CBZ extensions – the latter extension is used for reading comics on the Internet. It is also lightweight and easy to use.

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