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5 Free Ways to Convert Blog Posts & Documents to PDF

PDFs are used in various settings, and knowing how to convert blog posts to PDF or document to PDF is knowledge worth learning; here, we provide five ways you can do this and the best blog post to PDF converters.


  • Convert Blog Posts with PDF24, a WordPress Plugin
  • Convert Docs with Bullzip PDF Printer
  • Make PDF Files for Digital Completion with CutePDF
  • Primo PDF
  • Converting Manually from Your Browser

What is the Best PDF Converter?

PDFs are commonly utilized in blogging, ranging from providing PDF versions of blog articles through email to publications and plugin manuals. They offer a “Read Me”-the only approach that may be downloaded or read in a browser, on mobile devices, or printed for offline reading. This adaptability is what gives PDFs their current power.

It’s only natural that we learn how to make PDFs to aid in the advertising and maintenance of our blogs. Here are simple ways to convert blog posts and PDF documents.

1.   Convert Blog Posts with PDF24, a WordPress Plugin

PDF24 is the best PDF converter WordPress plugin that allows your visitors to email themselves or a friend a PDF version of your blog content. This is an excellent reinterpretation of the ‘Send to a Friend’ plugins.

The plugin adds a quick email address form to the bottom of all of your blog posts.  It is an excellent way to convert your blog posts to PDF.

2.   Convert Docs with Bullzip PDF Printer

Bullzip is explicitly designed for converting Microsoft office software to PDF. Like many other PDF converters, it works as a printer on your computer, so all you have to do to transform a document is go to File > Print and select the PDF converter from the list of available printers.

Bullzip includes several useful functions, such as the ability to select multiple quality settings depending on the intended purpose (ebook, screen, or print), add and update watermark text, and password-protect the PDF.

3.   Make PDF Files for Digital Completion with CutePDF

CutePDF is another free solution and one of the best PDF converters that install as a printer on your Windows PC and is highly recommended. CutePDF does not add watermarks to your final PDF file or overwhelm you with advertisements after conversion, as do many other free PDF converters. There are no advertisements. There will be no messes. 

4.   Primo PDF

Primo PDF is one of the most well-known PDF converters, capable of converting over 300 file formats. This software, like other converters, installs itself as a printer on your computer.

5.   Converting Manually from Your Browser

You can manually convert your blog post into a PDF from just your browser. In a nutshell, it goes like this:

  • In your browser, save the blog content as an HTML page.
  • In a word processor, open the saved file (e.g., MS Word).
  • In the text editor, you can change the content (like replacing or entirely removing unwanted elements).
  • Save the file as a PDF or another file format you choose in the “save as” option. 

Do you know of all these ways to convert blog posts or documents into PDFs? If no, we’re glad we helped with our best PDF converter.

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