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Fast PDF is a pdf reader designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It's quick and responsive even with very large documents. It's perfect for books, magazines, journals, comics or anything else saved as a pdf document.

If you are waiting for the support of PDF in iBooks and the release for iPhone and iPod touch try Fast PDF and you won't be disappointed.

Fast PDF presents every document as a book in a beautiful bookshelf with a preview of the document as cover. Supporting both portrait and landscape orientations, pages are displayed individually or side-by-side to better mimic the behaviour of paper publications and enjoy the original graphic as created by the author.

Navigation through the document is done with a simple swipe on the screen or through the navigation bar and the user can immediately zoom on the document with a pinch or a double tap. Zoom, navigation and transition between pages are quick and smooth, even on large documents full of images.

Bookmarks can be saved for each document and Fast PDF remembers the last page of the last file the user was reading when closed, so reading can be quickly resumed. Bookmarks and documents can be freely added, sorted, renamed and deleted through an intuitive interface.

The simplest way to upload documents into Fast PDF through iTunes (iPad or iOS 4) or through any web browser if the device and the computer share the same network. Moreover, the user can use Fast PDF to directly open a pdf document from within any other application, for example a pdf document as email attachment, or send a book from the bookshelf via email (iPad or iOS 4).

If this were not enough, it's also possibile to search, find and download any file directly from the web with the embedded internet browser.

Fast PDF is available on the App Store for 2.99 $.


Now available also for free


From Sunday 20 February FastPDF on App Store is be available in two different versions, one free and one payed, both with the same features and universals. Actual FastPDF app has been be renamed FastPDF+ and obviously is be totally unlimited. The new free version, called simply FastPDF, is limited in the number of pdf that could be opened.

Let see in detail these limits and how to exceed them:

  • Initial limit 5 documents;
  • Earn other 5 documents with a tweet;
  • Earn other 5 documents with a post on your Facebook wall;
  • Buy 10 documents with In-App purchases for 0.99$;
  • Buy 30 documents with In-App purchases for 1.99$;
  • Completely unlock the app for 2.99$.

This way you'll be able to try the app and use it based on your needs. If you want to tell your friends how good is, you'll even be rewarded.

Both applications will be updated soon with search and a new rendering mode with huge performance improvements (it seems impossible, but you'll be surprised).

Next week you'll receive informations on a new library called FastPdfKit for developers and editors that will reach the first main and complete version, to add full featured support for pdf documents on any other iOS app.

New features in 2.0 update

  • New gorgeous interface
  • Draggable documents: fully redesigned bookshelf
  • Drop a document on another to create a folder
  • Springboard like folders
  • Join folders with drag&drop
  • Background support
  • AirPrint support
  • Extended supported devices with even iPhone 3G and iPod touch 2G
  • Legacy/Speedy mode
  • Improved rendering engine
  • Full Retina Display optimization
  • Mover to transfer documents
  • Internal pdf links support
  • External pdf link support
  • Change cover for each document choosing from: pdf pages, camera roll and more than 30 amazing templates
  • Shake to refresh documents
  • OptionMenu to manage and share documents
  • Save website as PDF documents
  • Open documents in other apps
  • Names on the bookshelf
  • Bugfixes
  • Now when an encrypted document is deleted the password is removed from the keychain
  • Added "No thanks" button in the rating and share alerts and alert less frequents
  • Fixed "Open in Fast PDF" feature on iOS 4 and iPhone 4 and 3GS
  • Changed folder image
  • Changed icon

Feel free to contact us for any suggestion.

Some user reviews

ticked off HFan

People talk about programs like other programs that are the best on ipad, but really this is the BEST pdf reader out there. I have never seen a program that is as fast as Fast PDF, it strips away all of the annoying features as some other popular pdf readers, (you know who i am talking about) and focuses on a fast slick reading experience. It reads all of my pdf documents from 5mb to 200mb and it is lightning fast with an easy zoom and great features. If you want a smooth, enjoyable reading experience, please avoid all of the other so called best programs and give Fast PDF a try.


My experience with this apps is so good that I keep adding PDF files to read on my Ipad. That's how fun it his!


I am very impressed with the latest update for Fast PDF. The app makes true on its promise to be lightning fast. I had started using iBooks lately because it handled large documents better, but iBooks pales in comparison to the speed offered by the 1.3 update. I have witnessed some instability, but they may be due to the sheer size and awkward formatting of some of the PDFs I have been using to test this version. Folders are a welcome addition, though their implementation is not exactly intuitive. Regardless,it makes fast PDF once again one of the best PDF readers.

New features in 1.3 update

  • New Folder organization for documents
  • Background support on iOS 4
  • Complete support for iPhone 4 and its Retina Display
  • Full screen reading (without status bar)
  • Improved pdf rendering engine
  • Books sortables from the bookshelf view
  • Sort documents by name (from A to Z, from Z to A and by position) in the list view
  • Name search and dynamic list
  • Right to left reading support
  • Reminder to rate Fast PDF on the App Store and to share your opinion with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and email
  • Standard authentication support to download documents
  • Included guide with detailed instructions
  • Option to remember or not crypted document passwords
  • Zoom and direction options remembered for each document
  • New images for navigation buttons
  • Removed side buttons images and extended button height to full page
  • Changed reading background color to a pleasant gray texture
  • Set browser background to white
  • New information page with dynamic web contents
  • Removed La Divina Commedia
  • Fixed bug that caused wrong rotation of certain pages
  • Fixed bug that caused crash on when you download a document and already exists a document with the same name

Folders in action


Fast PDF images and video demonstration


Features included in now available 1.2 update

  • Universal binary for with last generation iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
  • Set screen brightness
  • Outline and table of contents support
  • Transparent buttons to go forward or backward
  • Double tap to zoom and unzoom
  • Option to keep zoom level between pages with smooth animation
  • Reposition left pages to right and vice versa
  • Automatic switch between single and double page on rotations
  • Status informations during the upload through WiFi
  • Support for secure connections to download documents
  • Support for download of attachments from popular webmail services
  • Support for download from sites that stores credentials on sessions
  • System keychain to store sites credentials
  • Disabled standby during reading
  • Downloading a document no longer overwrites an existing file with the same name
  • Changed icon
  • Bug fix

Fast PDF Pocket Description


Fast PDF Pocket has been optimized to work on the smaller iPhone's and iPod Touch's screens. To offer enjoyable experience, it's for now only available on iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod touch.

Fast PDF Pocket offers the very same functionalities of Fast PDF, except side-by-side visualization, while file transfer through iTunes will be enable with the imminent release of firmware 4.0.

Fast PDF on iPhone and iPod touch

Speed Test


Loooong Demo



  • Extremely fast on rendering pdf documents
  • Amazing bookshelf with preview images
  • Outline support
  • Universal Binary to run on iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and last generation iPod touch
  • Swipe or tap on the side to change page
  • Pinch or double tap to zoom
  • Show one or two pages side by side
  • Big files supported
  • Full screen reading
  • Portrait and landscape supported
  • Bookmarks for every document
  • Resume reading from last reached point
  • iTunes documents synchronization
  • File management through a browser and WiFi network
  • Document Support to open files from others applications
  • Surf the web and download documents with the embedded browser
  • Download documents writing or pasting the url
  • Select the url on o a page and download the corrisponding document
  • Rorder, rename and delete documents
  • Share documents as email attachments

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